Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017 Winter Update

The temperatures have been brutally cold and they have also been unseasonably warm. The snow has been great and the snow has been less than great. Through it all the winter has remained fairly quiet from a search and rescue prospective. We have received six calls in the first three months of the year with most being cancelled due to the missing party finding themselves. To the all volunteer team at Big Sky Search and Rescue all calls are taken seriously. We are happy when a missing party meets us at the trailhead as they are safe and uninjured. When we receive a page for a backcountry rescue each member arrives at the BSSAR building with their packs and gear ready to go. The planning and preparation for each and every call is unique to that call but those two protocols happen with every call whether we hit the trail or not. Through it all we continue to train and keep our skills up to date. So far this winter we have trained with snowmobiles for patient extraction and area familarization. Some of the members attended a two day class on land navigation enhancing their mapping and GPS skills for searches and rescues. A upcoming multi-agency backcountry ski and snowmobile training will ensure that we are prepared to help all backcountry enthusiasts when things go wrong.