Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 Mid Year Update

This year is turning out to be one of the busiest for the BSSAR team. Over 14 active missions have required the team use a variety of equipment and skills to provide help. We've had: 4 mission involving snowmobile of which 1 was a body recovery, 1 was lost and 2 were injuries. 1 mission involved 3 skiers caught in an avalanche in Beehive Basin with one skier being seriously injured.
1 mission involved a rock climber that found their rope was not quite long enough and tried to make it anyway. The decision resulted in substantial injuries. 2 mission involved kids that had gotten separated from their parents while hiking. 2 missions involved injured hikers within the Big Sky trail system. 1 mission involved 2 lost hikers in the Bear Basin area. 1 mission involved assisting West Yellowstone with a missing autistic camper. 1 mission for an injured ATV rider in the Bucks Ridge area. 1 mission for a flipped raft on the Gallatin River. Was cancelled after our team departed. Remember that the BSSAR team is made up of 33 volunteers that have jobs and families outside of the search and rescue world. When these calls come out the volunteers must drop what they are doing and respond to someone in distress. They train hard and are committed to making sure our community has the help they need when they need it.