Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 2013 Update

The BSSAR building is located next to the Big Sky Community Park behind the Water Treatment Plant. This location provides the BSSAR team with the advantages of a centralize location to:

Stage and coordinate missions

Store equipment

Hold training

The BSSAR team is equipped to monitor mission at this site with the use of various voice and visual communications methods. Members of the BSSAR team have a variety of skills necessary for backcounty rescues such as:

High Alpine Rope and Rigging for Rescue

Swift Water

Helicopter Operations

Snowmobile, Backcountry and Alpine Skiing

Wilderness First Responder and Emergency Medical Training

Each month the BSSAR team meets and conducts training on the use of the equipment by simulating various search and rescue scenarios. This way the team is prepared to react quickly and professionally when called upon.